Ice Cream

Do you remember when you were a kid, ice cream was always associated with something good.  There were all kinds of things that you could think about in connection with ice cream: when getting your tonsils out (OK, not everything was good) your parents told you could have all the ice cream you wanted, great desserts always included ice cream, special occasions – there was ice cream.  The list goes on and on.

I don't know what happened to those days but it seems to me they are not quite the same as they used to be.  Let me explain.  Some time ago, I was out walking and tapping away with my white cane.  I was paying attention and I was on the side walk.  And yes, I was also listening to an Ipod.  Carrie Underwood was playing.  The next thing I knew I was hit by a car, lifted off my feet and deposited halfway across the street.  As this was happening, three things went through my mind.  One was that I had a fiberglass cane and was it going to break and stab me.  The second was would the driver of the car realize she has hit someone and stop rather than running over me.  And lastly I wanted to know who the driver was that hit me? Well, the cane didn’t break, I was not run over and the identity question was solved when the diver got out of the car (it was a neighbor). I was shaken up but there were no significant physical injuries.  As I was laying on the street all kinds of neighborhood people came out to see what was going on and to minister to me, should that be necessary.  Somebody went and got my wife who drove to where I was in case I had to be taken to the hospital.   I didn't.  Generally speaking, everything was cleared up within 15 minutes or so.  As I was leaving to get into our car the person who hit me asked “What kind of ice cream do you like?”  I took this to be a very good sign.  I told her chocolate fully expecting that by the end of the day there would be, at the very least, a lot of chocolate ice cream coming my way! 

That night woman that hit me called to see how I was feeling and I told her I was OK and not to worry.  I was being very gallant and I was picturing a large ice cream cake in my future.  Never happened.

What did happen was that I tried to figure out what caused the mishap.  I am convinced that it had a lot to do with the fact to the driver did not have a real car.  She was driving a Prius, one of those hybrid cars.  I could not hear it!  Now, I am all for being green and all but remember those cars don't make any noise to speak of. Blind people use all kinds of senses to help compensate for not being able to see.

          As time went by (without ice cream)  what I did get was a sense of not wanting to walk outside anymore. 

          Now admittedly I was wearing headphones and listening to music but it wouldn't

have mattered anyway. Maybe three weeks went by and I kept telling everybody I was fine but I wasn’t. Finally to might utter dismay, I realized that I was afraid to walk outside. Perhaps I should have anticipated this. Think about it, getting hit by a car is  never any fun. Getting hit by a car that you can’t see is even less fun and getting hit by a car that you can’t see or hear tends to really suck.

          Eventually I did begin to walk again. I even found a stereo earbud which leaves one ear open to listen to the sounds around you. I recommend this type of device for people who like to walk or ride a bike. It is far safer than having earbuds or earphones over both ears.  Another thing that I learned is that it is okay to be afraid, especially if something good comes from it. Use the fear to learn things and to help you better understand yourself, and perhaps others.

          Finally, I am still available to eat chocolate ice cream cake.  It is never too late!



06/03/2016 3:44am

Being afraid really, isn't that all bad, because it has the benefit that it can make you more aware of the things around you and make you safer. Ice cream really is very delicious, and do brings back many memories, most especially childhood memories, where you get to eat lots of it during parties. I discourage people who love walking around public places to wear earphones or ear buds while walking around, because cases like what happened in this blog really is an often scenario that is now happening in every part of the globe. Fear is a good thing, when used right, but don't let it go to the extent that you will not be benefiting out it of it anymore.

03/05/2017 9:45am

We all have our own fear of life, we are afraid to try it because it might hurt us or disappoint us. But those are the things that will make us stronger, things that will challenge the fate we have within. Most of the fear came from the bad experience we had way back when we are still a kid. But you know, fear will always be fear unless we try it. We cannot just limit ourselves because of it.


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09/12/2016 3:33am

I'm still love ice cream! And this is really associating with something good, with summer and the best moments ever!

11/29/2016 2:00pm

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01/09/2017 4:53pm

It is a pretty awesome story. I am glad that you've shared it here with us.

05/18/2017 7:36am

I'm still have a good association with ice cream. Whatever happens ice cream is my savior.


Ice cream is everyone's first love.


Such a nice and amazing story regarding to the ice cream.


Thanks for sharing.

09/17/2017 5:45am

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