I am a 65 year old retired criminal defense lawyer who has low vision due to diabetic retinopathy.  I have no vision in my left eye and on a good day the vision in my right eye is only awful.

 Approximately nine years ago I awoke and I could not see out of my left eye.  Incredibly, I did not rush to an eye doctor but rather assumed this was some type of temporary thing that would go away in a day or two.  Did I mention that I am not a doctor of any type?  Did I mention that sometimes I can be remarkably stupid?
Three days later I finally went to my optometrist who had been prescribing my glasses for years.  Very shortly into his exam he left the room and called a retinal specialist who agreed to see me right now.  I went to his office and was diagnosed with a central artery occlusion.  I was examined by his partner the next day who confirmed the diagnosis and that it meant I was not going to have vision in that eye again.  Oh, by the way, did I tell you that at the time I was a smoker?  Not a heavy smoker, less than a pack a day.  So, of course, I stopped smoking immediately, yes?  Well actually, no.  Go back to the part about remarkable stupidity.
I was in a very high stress occupation.  I tried cases all the time and also did appeals.  Most of my cases were murder cases and some were very high profile.  I decided that smoking reduced my stress levels and besides, I had lost vision in one eye.  Surely I was not going to be the one who lost vision in both eyes.  Wrong again.
Let’s flash forward another year.  I was living in New York at the time and I was trying a murder case in Virginia.  As the trial ended I was having problems seeing from my right eye.  By the next day I could not drive and my vision was severely impaired.  You will be happy to know that at this point I stopped smoking.  Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse has left, right?
I found a retinal surgeon who treated me for the next seven years including 6 eye surgeries and more laser treatments than I care to think about.  And let’s not forget all the injections into my eye.  I am telling you, you have not lived until you have had stitches in your eye.
Why am I writing this?  Because I did not take care of myself and I thought that this stuff always happens to someone else.  It would never happen to me.  It is one thing to know what you are supposed to do but I want people to understand that this can happen to you.  Take care of yourself and make sure you treat your eyes like the treasures they are.  Don’t be stupid!




Kathy Kiley
07/23/2014 10:19pm

Jim McCleary
11/18/2014 5:15pm

Dick, Enjoyed reading your very honest view of what it's like to lose your sight. We all make similar mistakes in life, eat too much, drink, smoke and of course too much loving. especially guys from N.Y. and Bean town. Good read, will be checking in from time to time or lurking.

Red Sox fan

11/24/2014 3:10pm

Thanks for the comments. Maybe the Red Sox will have a better year in 2015. They can't go any lower!

09/27/2015 11:15pm

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04/02/2016 3:37pm

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06/10/2016 9:08am

I really saying about this lowvisionlaughter blog really very helpful and I have got interesting points here, mostly about don’t be stupid. I thought that this stuff always happens to someone else.

08/13/2016 8:28am

You didn't take care of yourself?! But...but you should take care of yourself! Change your mind!

09/27/2016 11:27am

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10/14/2016 1:50pm

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01/03/2017 5:02am

it's age factor, Anyway it can be cure if your react asap.....

04/21/2017 10:02pm

Everything you said is true. We must take care of ourselves and make sure we treat our eyes like our treasure. Because this is very important. The best way to keep our eyes is:
1. Do not rubbed your eyes often when your eyes feel itchy. When your hands are dirty after holding an object can infect the eyes that can be very bad for eye health.

2. Do not force your eyes to linger over a book or in front of a computer screen.

3. Eating foods such as carrots that contain vitamin A. Because carrots contain vitamin A and beta carotene that serves to maintain the health of your eyes.

4. For smokers, try to stop smoking from now on. This is because, it can potentially experience a number of eye diseases such as cataracts and optic nerve damage to the eyes.

5. Check your eyes regularly in order to avoid the disease that attacks the eye at any time.
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05/18/2017 7:44am

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I am informing you, you have not lived the life until you have had advanced stitches in your eye.

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